Assistant Principal

Mrs. Rachel Hornick

Welcome, Supercat Families!

I am thrilled to be returning to James Lewis Elementary for my thirteenth year in education. The best school communities are rooted in the bonds we make as a team, to benefit the lives of children. In two years as a Supercat, I’ve learned our school is one of those very special places.

As I walk the halls of JLE, I’m reminded of what I love about education-the people. I see staff working tirelessly to forge bonds with students to spark curiosity. We don’t take for granted the potential impact we have on academics and lives. One of the best parts of our work is seeing children excited to learn. What a blessing to be at a school with so much excitement!

Our school’s 50th birthday marks an important milestone. I think about all the Supercats before and the legacy they’ve left for us to embrace. I aim to make every moment count for your child, so that when they reflect on their time at James Lewis, they are proud and thankful to be a part of the Supercat Family. That same grateful feeling I get each day.

Thank you for your trust and collaboration. Should you ever need a listening ear or assistance, please call the office at 816-874-3650. Have a SUPERCAT day!

Mrs. Rachel Hornick